Last Updated: 31 Jul 2022


  • Your customers or stakeholders can opt-in to receive your newsletter
  • You compose your HTML email and when you click send, it is sent to everyone on your mailing list, each one addressed by name
  • One-click opt-out from your mailing list through an unsubscribe link in the footer of the Newsletter
  • HTML Email so carries your logo and other branding plus images so your Newsletter email looks professional
  • When a subscriber decides to opt out of your mailing list, (s)he is asked to provide a reason, they can opt not to
  • Old Newsletters are saved in the database and are available on your website and categorised however you want.

Multiple Mailing Lists

Grow your mailing list by allowing those interested to hear from you, to opt onto your mailing list. It al;l depends on your needs. If you want to build multiple Mailing lists, we can do that for you. You can then decide on when to email subscribers from a particular list and the frequency. You can view your subscribers and delete some if the need arises. 

Send the Newsletter

From your Website Control Panel, you can easily type your email message. Before you send the newsletter, you can preview and see how it will look when your subscribers receive it. The Newsletter automatically adds your logo and Business name to the header. It also adds your address and contact details to the footer. This means that can make changes to the contact details or address or even the company name on your Newsletter. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that is why there is provision for photos. 

You can also send a branded business email to any email address complete with Cc and BCc (Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy respectively). 

Let them opt-out

The newsletter email has a prominent one-click unsubscribe link in the footer so that those who are no longer willing to hear from you can unsubscribe. As a reputable organisation, you want to make it easy. No questions asked, one click and all their details are removed from your mailing list. They can then optionally answer a short unsubscribe survey so they tell you the reason why they want out of your mailing list. 

Past Newsletters

Past Newsletters can be made viewable on your Website in the browser. They can be categorised by issue number if there is one, or per month. 

As part of your Website or as a sub-domain

If we build your Website, this module can be included depending on your requirements. Our Websites are modular to avoid bloated websites. If you already have a website, the best way is to run this newsletter on a sub-domain, for instance, or We will work with you to integrate it into your existing website so that a subscription to the newsletter is done through your website. 

How about testing it? See if it is right for you before you commit yourself. Just send us an email to request a 'test drive'.

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