Last Updated: 31 Jul 2022

About KAL Computaz

I am Andrew Kwabula trading as KAL Computaz. KAL Computaz offer customised services to clients across sectors. We develop Web Applications that are very easy to maintain reducing maintenance costs to almost zero (0) on the part of the client. Our custom websites are built in such a way that clients need very minimum computer skills. We basically develop your website to help you do your work, so we do not force you into some premade website templates. Instead, we build your website according to your requirements.


KAL Computaz takes pride in offering effective web services such as designing unique websites and building databases. We are cognizant of our clients' needs and present the best solutions possible. At KAL Computaz we provide our clients with high-quality yet cost-effective solutions by fusing our industry expertise with proven processes.

KAL Computaz also develops Moodle websites for those who want an E-Learning site. 

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